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Waxing Services

Beautify Spa only uses the finest wax available. Imported from Italy, our waxes use a unique blend of beeswaxes, which contains a natural antibiotic called propolis that protects freshly waxed skin. It soothes and moisturizes skin with calming Azulene oil, Vitamin E and zinc oxide. By using a better quality wax, it is less painful, produces better results, and is not as hot as most waxes used by other Spa’s. This allows for the most painless waxing experience for all skin types, including individuals with very sensitive skin. We use both hard and soft wax allows us to customize application for the specific area of hair removal.

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal which removes the hair at the root. New hairs do not grow back,for three to eight weeks. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. Waxing is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is pressed on the top and then stripped off with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair and dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth. We also do non-strip waxing as well. New hair growth in waxed areas is soft and fine, not sharp and coarse like shaved hair. After repeated waxing, hair regrowth is less common and eventually some air never regrows.

Hair must be 1/4″ long before waxing (approximately 10-14 days growth). Additional waxing services priced upon consultation.

Waxing Services Pricing (VIP’s receive a 10% discount)

Descriptions are below pricing

Bikini Area
Regular Bikini Wax = $35
American Bikini Wax = $45
French Bikini Wax = $50
Playboy Bikini Wax = $60
Brazilian Wax = $65
Buttocks (Cheek) Wax = $30

Lower Leg Waxing = $40 (for both legs)
Upper Leg Waxing = $50 (for both legs)
Full Leg Waxing = $75 (for both legs)

Under Arm Waxing = $20
Half Arm Waxing = $30
Full Arm Waxing = $50

Upper Lip Wax = $12
Chin = $12
Eyebrow Waxing & Shaping = $20
Full Face Waxing = $45 (includes eyebrows, lips, chin, cheeks and side burn areas)

Upper Back & Shoulder Wax = $40 (Includes back of neck)
Full Back Wax = $50

Shoulder Wax = $20

Stomach – $40

Waxing Service Descriptions

Regular Bikini Wax
A regular bikini wax, removes only the hair that is seen when you wear a bikini. If you want a full bikini wax hair removal with no landing strip style in the front then you want to book for a Playboy bikini wax. If you want a full bikini wax hair removal, but would like a little strip of hair left in the front then you want to book for a Brazilian Bikini wax.

American Bikini Wax
American waxing is the removal of only the hairs that is exposed by a swimsuit, but it goes a little bit deeper, then a regular bikini wax. And you can select to have the hairs at the front as a large strip or upside down triangle. American Bikini Wax does not include removing hair from the inner labia or back side. If you are looking for full hair removal (back and front), then you need book for a Playboy Bikini Wax.

French Bikini Wax
The French bikini wax also known as the modified bikini wax. The French Bikini Wax leaves a narrow line in the front (upside down triangle design) With the French Bikini Wax all the hair will be waxed off far between the inner Labia, but not all the way to the buttocks. If you would like the full buttocks area waxed then that is called a Brazilian Bikini Wax.

Brazilian Bikini Wax
The Brazilian bikini wax is similar to a Playboy bikini wax. With a Brazilian Bikini Wax also known as ‘The Full Monty’ – (Completely bare). This waxing method removes all the hair from the pubic area, labia, buttocks, and perianal areas. Waxing is performed by a trained, licensed esthetician and should last about 3 to 4 weeks.

Buttocks Wax
Buttocks wax, also know as butt cheeks wax, is the removal of hair from the butt cheeks. Great for summer and wearing a G String or smaller cut bikini. Virtually everyone has hair on their buttocks and the buttocks wax is becoming a very popular treatment at our Spa.

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