Best facial EVER!!  I have been getting facials for 20 years and this is absolutely the best I have ever received. Kristina Peterson I just received the best facial that I have ever had, and I have had many facials!!!  Jackie Gorospe Great service! Great facial! Amazing offers for what you receive in your facial and products used!! I'm now a VIP member :) One of the best facials I've ever had. Great hands! Nice peaceful environment, you really feel like you're getting away.  One of the best facials I have ever received. The atmosphere was relaxing and inviting. I have been getting facials about 10 years, this is one the best ones with the longest lasting results. Lisa S. 

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We Have 8,337 5-Star Reviews !

Why Beautify

Beautify Spa is one of the preeminent authorities on skin care. We educate you on skin care solutions, products, and regimens that will help you get healthier, more beautiful skin…the result being; a younger looking you! We are on a constant quest around the world seeking cutting-edge skin care technology and products. Beautify Spa is passionate and dedicated to helping you look your best!

We offer the latest, cutting-edge, non-invasive skin care treatments, protocols and products that truly provide results. Our professional skin care Estheticians will consult with you to learn about your skin issues and goals, then custom tailor your treatment so you receive the best possible results. Escape, Rejuvenate, and Beautify Today!

Why Beautify Skin Care?

Your Skin is Very Important… Learn How Beautify Spa Can Help You Look Younger!
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Here are Some of the Reasons We Get Such Great Reviews:
  • We Strive to Provide the Best Skin Care Possible! Other Spa’s may say this, we prove it by consistently delivering results…and getting very high marks from our clientele! Currently, We Have Over 8,000 5-Star Reviews…More Than Any Day Spa in Arizona. We do not claim to be perfect… however, we do strive to be the best we can be. Our great customers and their reviews are the true measure of how well we do skin care. Our facial may or may not be the best you have had, however we are confident you will be very happy with your Spa experience and our treatments.
  • We Only Hire the ‘Best-of-the-Best’ Skin Care Estheticians. (In the 4th largest city in the U.S., there are a lot of Estheticians to choose from) The Beautify Spa Team is comprised of friendly, super caring, highly-experienced skin care professionals, who are thoroughly trained to analyze your skin and provide viable solutions that work…without any pressure. This combination, coupled with an extreme eye for detail, and superior treatment products and tools, assures you your skin will look as good as possible!

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  • Energized Facials – The Only Spa in Arizona to Offer This Special Facial. Our facials utilize a breakthrough revolutionary technology that literally energizes and re-vitalizes skin cells. Our Energized facials effectively remove toxins, reduce swelling and inflammation, strengthen and re-educate your facial muscles…helping to sculpt your face. The result; your skin will glow and look refreshed, giving you a more youthful appearance. We offer 10 different Energized facials to help maximize the benefits for your skin care type & skin issues. It works on all types of skin including Normal, Oily, Combo and Sensitive skin. As a side benefit, the energy from our Energized Facial is also super relaxing, yet you will feel energized when you leave our Spa! Your face requires regular maintenance to help you look your best…schedule a facial today!
  • We Only Use the Best Natural Skin Care Products on Your Face. We use Beautify Natural Skin Care products. It has been clinically-proven; your skin responds better to Natural skin care products, than it does to synthetic skin care ingredients. Nearly 90% of the skin lines contain dangerous chemicals that are bad for your body! Carcinogens and hormone disrupting ingredients…1 out of 3 women get Cancer! Your skin does not have a filter so everything you put on it goes right into your lymphatic system. Beautify contains only pure, natural ingredients that are good for your skin. Your face is one of the most important aspects of who you are, and, the skin of the face is more delicate than the rest of your body. As we age, your face requires more Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins & Minerals to help you look your best. By using Beautify Natural Skin Care Products, we infuse the absolute finest Anti-Oxidants, Peptides, Vitamins & Minerals available to help your skin look its absolute best!
  • Collagen Skin Rejuvenation (CSR). Beautify Spa has performed thousands CSR Treatments…probably more CSR’s than any Spa in Arizona. You may know CSR as DermaPen, SkinPen, Collagen Induction Therapy, or MicroNeedling. CSR Treatments are clinically–proven to help reduce fine lines & wrinkles, scars, minor pigmentation, pore size, and it help tighten your skin. Like getting a tan or exercising, the more treatments you do, the better your skin will respond…as it is an accumulative effect. We perform specialized advanced treatments in coordination with a CSR for even better results! It’s this knowledge & experience that will help you get the results you want. The downtime with a CSR is minimal – when you leave our Spa, your skin will be light pink to medium pink, unless your skin is sensitive. This usually subsides a day or two. With every CSR Treatment, You receive a complimentary CSR AfterCare kit for proper and faster healing.
  • RF Collagen Rejuvenation – Photoshop for Your Face. Currently, we have the only specialized Treatment machine in Arizona. RF CSR combines the best of two clinically-proven therapies; Collagen Skin Rejuvenation technology and combines it with RF Energy technology also known as Thermage®or Vivace® . RF Energy (Radio Frequency) is safe, non-invasive and permeates deeper down into the Dermis, stimulating fibroblasts to help grow Collagen. The results can be phenomenal; greatly reduced fine lines & wrinkles, tighter skin, reduced pore size, lightening of pigmentation/sun spots, and over-all skin rejuvenation for a younger appearance! There is virtually No-downtime and you can resume most activities immediately! It’s been called Photoshop for your face. With every RF CSR Treatment, you receive a complimentary RF CSR AfterCare kit for proper and faster healing.
  • CSR Line Eraser Treatment for Deeper Lines & Wrinkles. It is one of the most effective treatments we have seen for greatly reducing deeper lines & wrinkles. If you have deeper wrinkles, this treatment will help you. Crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, forehead lines and the ’11’ lines between your eyes. It will leave red scratch marks on the areas treated for 3-7 days, however you can wear cover-up make-up (if needed) after the 3rd day. With every CSR Line Eraser Treatment, you receive a complimentary CSR AfterCare kit for proper and faster healing. 
  • Beautify Spa Injectables: We hired the Best-of-the-Best Nurse Injectors to Give You a Natural, More Youthful Look Without Changing Your Appearance…and Not Looking Injected or Over-Injected. We have 2 Nurse Injectors with Over 35,000 Botox & Filler Treatments – Without Major Issue. We Offer a 1-Hour Injectable Education & Consultation, which includes our Beautify Spa Face-Mapping: A Beauty Blueprint for Your Face, we also include Complimentary Two-Week Follow-up, to Insure You Look Your Best! We are Top 50 Injector Spa in the Nation… We are Proud to have Achieved the Pinnacle with All Three Injectable Manufacturers; Allergan, Merz and Galderma. This Elite Status Places Our Nurse Injectors Among the Top 1% of All Medical Aesthetic Spas in the U.S. This Prestigious Ranking Gives Our Spa Huge Volume Discounts; We Pass This Savings On To You! Get the Best at Substantial Savings!
  • Beautify Botox Club: Avoid paying $400+ for Botox every 3 to 4 months! Beautify Botox Club gives you all the Xeomin, Dysport or Botox you need for only $99 down and $99 a month with 0% Interest! Plus, you will receive $1,650+ in Complimentary Products & Services! Additionally, You Receive Substantial Discounts on All Spa Services & Skin Care Products…No Catches.
  • Targeted Spot Removal – TSR. Our Beautify Spa “Q-switched” Laser is the most effective treatment for brown spots, also known as dark age spots, sun spots liver spots, and pigmentation. This treatment is rather quick, taking only 30 to 45 minutes. It is not painful, and we do not need to use numbing cream…it feels like a “rubber band snap”. The targeted spots will turn darker brown for about a week then peel off and be gone. The risk of any type of scarring is extremely low. The success rate is over 90%. In short, it is an easy, safe way to get rid of pesky “age spots” with dramatic results.
  • Black Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation: Beautify Spa was the very first Spa in Scottsdale/Phoenix to offer this unique & effective treatment! The Black Carbon Laser Treatment is a Next-Gen laser treatment. It is a gentle treatment that does not burn the skin, it’s non-invasive and pain-free…you don’t even need numbing cream! There is no need to be afraid of Lasers anymore! This unique, special treatment is great for treating minor skin imperfections and giving skin a glow from within. This laser treatment is delivered by a state-of the-art Q-switched Nd-Yag Laser machine producing short, rapid and high intensity pulses of light with maximum capability for destruction of debris clogged in the pores and upper layers of skin. Yet, it is a gentle and comfortable treatment. During the gentle procedure, the face is cleansed, then a thin layer of mineral-rich black carbon lotion (as a photo-enhancer) is applied. The laser light vaporizes the black particles of carbon, along with the superficial dead layer of skin as laser light moves across the skin (See Our videos). Our Black Carbon is a Nano- activated carbon and contains Vitamins B3, B5, Amino acid and a variety of marine minerals to help give your skin a glowing, radiant complexion.
  • IPL Photofacials: IPL PhotoFacial is the absolute best treatment for erasing hyperpigmentation, dark age spots, sun spots & uneven skin tone. This incredible treatment lightens & brightens your skin, giving you a better complexion and a more youthful look! IPL PhotoFacials are Perfect for: Pigmentation (Hyperpigmentation), Sun Spots, Brown Age Spots, Uneven Skin Tone, Blotchy Skin, Broken Capillaries, Rosacea & Redness, Treatments are Quick & Easy…You can Resume Most Activities Beginning Immediately! IPL: Non-Invasive, Non-Ablative, Virtually No Down-Time (light pink for a few hours), Dramatic Results with 1 Treatment, See Best Results with Multiple Treatments, Works on Face, Neck, Décolleté Back & Hands. Improves Overall Complexion, Instantly Younger Looking Skin. We offer Evening appointments. Upgrade to an RF IPL for Even Better Results: Adds RF Energy (Thermage) to your IPL Photofacial – works on improving lines & wrinkles and helps tighten your skin at the same time – Two treatments in One!
  • LED Skin Rejuvenation: It’s Like a Plant Light for Growing Collagen. This proven technology was developed by NASA, and is F.D.A. approved. It is backed by over 100 clinical studies! It’s completely painless, cool on your face, non-invasive and is quite relaxing. A session only takes 30 minutes. No down-time! 1 or 2 treatments will really help your skin, visible results may be seen in 4-6 sessions. We have 3 machines so you can usually get in when you want. A true skin care break-thru! Add an HA Peptide Mask for even better results!
  • The Best VIP Program in the State. So good in fact, that nearly 8 out 10 new customers become VIP’s with us! Even people who live out of State become VIP customers. Learn how you can get the ‘best skin care available’ at an incredible value.
  • We Pamper You & Help Your Look Younger! When you look younger, you feel better… it radiates into other areas of your life. Come Escape, Relax, & Recharge…and Leave Looking & Feeling Younger & Better Than When You Came In!
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