Best facial EVER!!  I have been getting facials for 20 years and this is absolutely the best I have ever received. Kristina Peterson I just received the best facial that I have ever had, and I have had many facials!!!  Jackie Gorospe Great service! Great facial! Amazing offers for what you receive in your facial and products used!! I'm now a VIP member :) One of the best facials I've ever had. Great hands! Nice peaceful environment, you really feel like you're getting away.  One of the best facials I have ever received. The atmosphere was relaxing and inviting. I have been getting facials about 10 years, this is one the best ones with the longest lasting results. Lisa S. 

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The Hydrating Beautify Facial - Our Ultimate Facial!

The Hydrating Beautify Facial Gives You the Best Looking Skin

in 60 Minutes. ZERO Downtime!

The Hydrating Beautify Facial results are phenomenal; Super polished, glowing, radiant skin in 60 short minutes! You will have tighter, smoother skin, reduced pore size & over-all skin rejuvenation for a younger appearance! The Results are Immediate! See Our Before & After Pics Below.

It’s 100% non-invasive. There is zero downtime & you can resume virtually any activity right after your treatment, including attending a Party or Event!

This is the quickest way to achieve better, more youthful looking skin! It is the best facial we offer! As Seen on the TV Show – The Doctor’s. 

Hydrating Beautify Facial: The Ultimate Instant Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
  • Gives You Super Radiant, Glowing Skin!
  • Tightens & Smoothes Skin Immediately!
  • Reduces Pore Size
  • Super Hydrates & Plumps Skin
  • Stimulates the Growth of Collagen
  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Results are Immediate – Only 60 Minutes!
  • Super Deep Cleans Your Skin
  • Infuses Rich Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants & Peptides Deep into Your Skin
  • Safe, Non- Invasive
  • Zero Down-Time
  • You Can Wear Make-up Immediately!
  • You Can Resume All Activities Immediately
  • No Micro-needles
  • 100% Pain-Free. No Irritation
  • Works on All Areas of the Face; Including Eye Area, Nose, Lips & Neck
  • Works on All Skin Types!
  • Works on Roscea, Pigmentation & Acneic Skin
  • Helps You Look Younger Immediately!

The Hydrating Beautify Facial utilizes the natural healing powers of water & oxygen to remove impurities & effortlessly exfoliate the skin without irritation. It super-cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts, & polishes skin, then infuses a combination of Super-Peptides & Anti-Oxidants deep into your skin, replenishing essential nutrients, creating healthier, hydrated, tight, glowing super rejuvenated skin! 


Hydrating Beautify Facial REVIEW:

I received the Hydrating water infused facial. It was like a tall cold drink of water for my face. When it’s 110 degrees this summer in Phoenix this will really drench your skin in sublime luxurious pampering. A must try !!

Loree Lorenz

I had a Hydrating Beautify Facial and it was amazing. My skin felt clean, hydrated & wonderful when I left.

Geralyn Moger

I recently had the new Hydrating Beautify Facial and I was very comfortable during the treatment. As stated, there was no downtime. Immediately, my skin looked firm & felt tighter. It made my skin look better than it has in years! It just looks healthy! It helped on my fine lines & wrinkles. I will definitely be getting another Hydrating Beautify Facial again! You must try it!!

Debra Jansen

Hydrating Beautify Facial REVIEW:

How Long Do the Hydrating Beautify Facial Results Last?
The results you experience right after your treatment last about a week. However, long-term skin benefits are derived from just one treatment due to this treatment. If you do 4 – 6 treatments, You skin will further improve, become healthier, younger looking and the results will last longer. As with any treatment, a good home skin care regimen with Beautify® Skin Care products will definitely help to achieve better, healthier, younger looking skin.
What Can I Expect After One Hydrating Beautify Facial Treatment?
Immediately after your first Hydrating Beautify Facial Treatment, you will see a dramatic difference in your skin. Your skin will glow & feel tighter. You will have an immediate over-all younger appearance. Fine lines around your eyes will be reduced. Minor pigmentation will be reduced. Acneic skin clears right up
What is the Protocol & What Skin Care Products/Ingredients are Used During My Hydrating Beautify Facial Treatment?

Phase 1: We begin by performing a cleansing using Natural, pure Beautify® cleansers. This preps the skin to better accept the next Phases of your Hydrating Beautify Facial.

Phase 2: We perform a Professional skin assessment to check the health of your skin, and ascertain what your current skin issues & needs are to learn exactly what is required for your skin using the Hydrating Beautify Facial machine.

Phase 3: We utilize an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber on trouble areas to help loosen thicker skin and assist in achieving a deeper cleanse. It also helps lessen minor Pigmentation.

Phase 4: If needed; We perform a light Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion to your skin. This removes dead skin cells. (It does not hurt your skin, nor will you be red after your Hydrating Beautify Facial treatment).

Phase 5: We perform a Hydradermabrasion treatment utilizing a special blend of Aloe water, which cleans pores and removes deep dirt, oils, make-up buildup, and any additional dead skin cells. It also infuses 75 nutrients, 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 essential vitamins into your skin. (Do two passes)

Phase 6: We continue with an AHA Light Acid Wash (non-irritative) This super-deep cleanses the skin, and further removes oils, dead skin cells & make-up build up. It delivers the benefits of a peel without post-peel scaling. It prepares the skin to accept the nutrient phase. It is a combination of Four Acids:
Glycolic Acid: Glycolic acid treats a number of conditions, including dark spots, wrinkles, acne, skin scarring, surface wrinkles, large pores & oily skin
Lactic Acid: Lactic acid treats dark spots, wrinkles and sagging areas of skin, and is also effective in treating rosacea.
Citric Acid (lemon, passionfruit, & pineapple) works to resurface the complexion to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, scars and areas of skin discoloration. By removing the dead cells that often clog the pores. It also helps to soften the skin, providing additional moisturizing benefits.
Tartaric Acid (from extracts of grape): Assists with reducing minor pigmentation and also has an anti-aging effect because it stimulates collagen production in the dermal layer of the skin.

Phase 7: We balance the skin by using a Botanical Toner Oxygen Jet Spray comprised of Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Bilberry Extract (wild blueberries containing Anti-Oxidants Vitamins C, E & Resveratrol), Organic Sugar Cane Extract, Organic Sugar Maple Extract, Rose Distillate (Calms skin), Organic Orange & Organic Lemon Extract, Organic Cranberry Extract, DMAE (skin tighter), White Willowbark Extract (skin lightener), & Tea Tree Essential Oil (astringent). All of these fine ingredients, including Oxygen, are infused into your skin. This phase brings the skin’s pH back to the proper pH to better accept the nutritive Phase.

Phase 8: We perform an Oxygen Infusion treatment. This helps to increase the skin’s moisture levels and targets dry, dehydrated and prematurely aging skin, sensitive skin, sensitized skin, sun damage, brown spots, skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, post inflammatory pigmentation and problematic skin conditions.

Phase 9: The Nutritive Phase combining Hyaluronic Acid (HA is Nature’s #1 Hydrator) with a Natural Super- Peptides that provide instant skin tightening. It nourishes & protects cells…and provides collagen synthesis. 10% of your skin is comprised of Hyaluronic Acid.

Phase 10: Finish using the proper Beautify® Natural Skin Care Products to best serve your current skin needs. Total treatment thus far is 60 minutes.

Phase 11: A 30-Minute LED Skin Rejuvenation (over 100 clinical trial studies proving it works) that further infuses all of the fine ingredients into your skin. It also stimulates the growth of Collagen. Total treatment is 90 minutes, however LED treatment can be performed in the future, if need be)

What Can I Expect After a Four Hydrating Beautify Facial Treatments?

Your skin will take on a distinctly youthful & healthy appearance. Your skin will be in a pristine state and look smoother, tighter and more refined. Fine lines & wrinkles will be diminished. Pore size will be reduced. You will appear rejuvenated…and we assure you, you will receive compliments! 

How Long Does the Hydrating Beautify Facial Take & How Soon Can I Wear Makeup?

The Hydrating Beautify Facial only takes 60 short minutes! 90 minutes total with an LED Treatment. You can wear Makeup immediately after your treatment. You can resume all activities beginning immediately, except laying directly out in the sun, unless you cover your face. 

What is Hydrating Beautify Facial Used For?

The Hydrating Beautify Facial is healthier, safer, natural alternative to plastic surgery and injectables. It provides excellent for over-all skin rejuvenation. The Hydrating Beautify Facial refreshes your skin, delaying & even reversing the signs of aging. With mature skin, your skin looks younger, softer & smoother. It also works well to protect younger skin. It is our finest facial giving you the fastest, best results, while being the least invasive. Your skin will be in a pristine state. 

What is the Downtime with a Hydrating Beautify Facial?

There is No down-time. Every person’s skin can react differently. If you have sensitive skin you could be light pink for a few hours. You can wear make-up immediately. There is no discomfort and customers may return to most, if not all activities.  

How Many Hydrating Beautify Facial Do I Need?

The good news is; you will see incredible & immediate results after only one treatment! If you want even better results or you have skin issues, this would require more than one treatment. For best results, clinical studies show that 4 to 6 treatments, spaced about 4 weeks apart, produce a gradual remodeling of dermal matrix components, until complete healing occurs and healthy tissue containing Collagen & Elastin replaces old epidermal and dermal tissue. Over a period of 3 – 6 months, clinical improvement in dermal repair and positive skin changes will occur. Fine lines & wrinkles will have been greatly diminished and your skin will be much tighter and appear more youthful. 

Should I do a Hydrating Beautify Facial on My Neck & What Does a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment do? 
The neck is vital to have continued professional skin care maintainence. If you have work performed on your face, but not your neck, your face with look good, but you neck will show your age. Even if you neck looks good now, maintenance is needed to help keep it looking that way. Lymphatic drainage is type of gentle massage utilizing the Hydrating Beautify Facial machine that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away and allow nutrients to refresh skin cells. It further assists in helping to achieve tighter, plumper, more refined skin. It can also help reduce bloated looking skin. You can add this neck & lymphatic drainage to your Hydrating Beautify Facial treatment.

Hydrating Beautify Facial BENEFITS:

  • Incredible & Immediate Results with Only 1 Treatment
  • Creates Glowing, Tight & Super Rejuvenated Skin
  • Removes Black Heads & Clears Up Clogged Pores
  • Increases Elasticity & Firmness
  • Improves Skin Tone Evenness & Vibrancy
  • Improves Skin Texture
  • Reduces Enlarged Pores
  • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation/Photo Damage
  • Clears up Oily/Congested, Acneic Skin
  • Non-Invasive (no bleeding, no burning, no Irritation)
  • No Pigmentation is Created as a Result of this Treatment
  • Reduces the Advanced Signs of Aging

The Hydrating Beautify Facial is the Fastest Treatment

Giving You the Best Looking Skin Possible!

Super Skin Rejuvenation for Younger Looking Skin in

Only 60 Short Minutes!

Hydrating Beautify Facial PRICING:

Full Face to the Jaw Line, Including Your Nose. Treatment Includes Microdermabrasion, Hydradermabrasion, Oxygen Infusion & Super-Peptide Infusion Treatment – 60 Minutes. Also Includes a 30 Minute LED Skin Rejuvenation Treatment – 90 Minutes Total: $299.00

Add a Neck/Lymphatic Drainage Treatment: $99.00

Add a Décolleté Treatment: $99.00

Add on THE LIPS: $45.00

Exfoliation and Hydration temporarily plumps lips and minimizes fine lines around the lips.

Add a “HANDS/FOREARMS” Hydrating Beautify Facial TREATMENT: $119.00
$199.00 if performed only as your primary appointment

A 2-step process that detoxifies rehydrates and protects the skin on the hands and forearms. Makes hands instantly look more youthful.

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